God has shown us a vision of establishing ministry centers throughout the world, beginning in Spanish-speaking countries, specifically, Guatemala.  These ministry centers will be “hubs” of activity…people coming and going; trucks bringing and taking supplies to and from warehouses, and accommodations for teams to experience the mission field and the way most of the world lives.  Those who feel a tug on their hearts to investigate the call to missions further will be given the opportunity to attend a 3-month missions school.  Eventually, we envision orphanages or children’s homes on every base to care for the abandoned and lost children of the world.  These homes will also give students and visitors hands-on work in the mission field.  Other dreams for the ministry centers include:

  • Language schools
  • Ministry school to raise up native pastors
  • Medical clinic
  • Dental clinic
  • Etc….the list is endless!

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