Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema

This is an outdoor movie system, complete with a 20’ blow-up Pro Screen (including an air blower to inflate the screen) and an audiovisual package (including a projector and sound equipment).

This is a tremendous evangelistic tool which has been proven by other missionaries.  This Open Air Cinema is set up in remote, very impoverished villages to show “The Jesus Film”.  As a result of the movie, many people are saved, healed, and delivered.  We train a ministry/prayer team in advance of the event.

We also have many other Christian movies to show for church or other events.

At times, before “the main attraction” a children’s movie (i.e. Veggie Tales, etc…) is also shown while the audience is treated to hot popcorn and a drink to enjoy while they watch the movie.

Judah's Footprint Clothing Ministry

The Clothing Ministry of Kingdom Connections International is lovingly named after our grandson, Judah Matthew Melo who was stillborn on May 31, 2015.

During our trip to Jalapa, Guatemala, in April, 2016, God laid on our hearts to begin a clothing ministry.  The intense poverty that we witnessed was devastating…children wearing the same clothes until they became rags and then tried to find another set elsewhere.  We ship new or slightly worn clothes and shoes, all seasons.  While there is a greater need for children’s clothes/shoes, we accept all sizes up thru an adult XL (the Guatemalan people are small in size).

This is a great way to become involved in missions right from your home!

There are several ways you can help:

  • Donate towards the shipping cost of the boxes (it costs $250 to ship a LARGE box with no weight limit);
  • Donate clothing (if you live in the Florence, AL area); or
  • Your church or group can also fill boxes with clothes and shoes to be shipped directly from your locale. We can give you all the information you need!

Fortified Rice Program

In 2021 we were presented with the opportunity to start a fortified rice program in Jalapa, Guatemala.  We receive 1-lb. packages of fortified rice containing vitamins and supplements to help with malnutrition.  Our only cost is the shipping of a container from the United States to Guatemala which is approximately $2,500 per container.  There is enough rice in the container to feed approximately 1000 families 3 nutritious meals per week for 4 months.  At this time, we are feeding people with a lot of need in approximately 10 different villages/areas.  As the rice becomes more readily available, we believe this ministry will grow tremendously.

The Suquinay Project Proposal

View the Suquinay Project proposal