In May, 2017, the Lord spoke to us about “adopting” a small, very poor primary school in Divisadero, Jalapa, Guatemala.  We said “Yes” to the call. Then, in August 2018, the Lord gave us another very poor school to “adopt”, this time in Suquinay, a beautiful mountain village.

You can help by “sponsoring” a child in either of these schools for only $15.00 per month.  100% of the money will go directly to buy:

  • School supplies (including back packs and grade appropriate work books);
  • A new pair of shoes at the beginning of each new school year (January);
  • And a new uniform to start school in.

Adopting these schools also means minor school building/grounds improvement (paint, etc.).  A brand new, big jungle gym/swing set has already been provided for the children in the Divisadero School.  They didn’t have any playground equipment at all. 

Child Sponsorships

Kingdom Connections International invites you to take a look at the beautiful faces of the children we are so proud to serve through our Student Sponsorship Ministry.
Please take a few moments to look at the faces of these children and ask God who He would have you sponsor & then click Subscribe to sponsor the child God has placed on your heart. If you receive a message saying “Sold Out” that means that child has already been sponsored. Please select another child.