E.M. “Doc” Shell, Founding Pastor, Christ Chapel Ministerial Alliance, Founder and President Florence, AL

“Mark and Robin Sewell, Kingdom Connections International, are truly people of vision and passion.  We have known them for many years, having traveled and ministered together in numerous nations.  They carry a mantle for signs and wonders, and releasing people into Kingdom ministry.  Their hearts are for the nations, and their desire is to bring the Kingdom of God to those they minister to.  They have proven Godly character and integrity, and their love for people is evident.”


Kaity Klinghard, High School Graduate Florence, Alabama

To say mission trips with Kingdom Connections International have changed me would be an understatement.  These trips haven’t just changed me, they have transformed me and have made me a completely new person.  Before my first trip, I was a hopeless young girl with no passion, plans, or purpose.  I was struggling with my identity and the way I thought about myself.  But, after a week in Guatemala with KCI, that all changed.  I became a girl who knew she was loved greatly by her heavenly Father; a girl who had discovered the purpose for her life; and a girl who knew God’s plans for her life.  I honestly don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t learned these things.  I thank God every day for placing Mark and Robin in my life to teach me, encourage me, and love me the way our Father does.”


Adam Stewart, Executive Pastor Oasis City Church, Westerville, Ohio

Traveling on a short-term mission trip with Kingdom Connections International is like jumping on a spiritual rocket ship.  Practically, their organizational skills and experience make planning a trip with them a simple process.  However, they possess a rare ability to not only discern spiritual gifts in individuals, but also to release them to use their gifts by creating unique opportunities to minister the Gospel.  Any trip with Kingdom Connections International will be life impacting, but not just for the people or region that is visited.  Each person going on the trip who’s willing to be stretched to their God-given potential will come back forever changed.

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