Mark and Robin Sewell, Directors and Founders
In 1999, on our first mission trip to Mexico, the Lord spoke to us and said that He was calling us to the nations.  “Calling us to the nations?”  “Why us, Lord?” was our first response.  We kept His word in our hearts and pondered on it for years.  After all, who were we that God would call us to the nations…no college, no Bible school? Since that time, God has opened doors and we have faithfully walked through them.  We have been leading teams to Mexico, Guatemala, and Africa since 2002, and have been to other countries ministering alone, as well.  We have felt, at times, like a bird that had seen everything from its cage, until one day the cage door was left open and the bird spreads its wings and soars. Mark retired from General Motors, in Spring Hill, Tennessee, in 2008, in order to free up his time to do mission work as often as the Lord opened the door.  Robin followed when the attorney she had worked for retired as well.  It was at that time that they received another clear word from the Lord…it is time.  That is when Kingdom Connections International (formerly Kingdom Connections Ministry) was launched. We love people wherever we go, but God placed a special connection and love in our hearts for the country of Guatemala and instructed us to establish our missions base there.

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  1. Daisy Calvo

    Mark and Robin, my name is Daisy Calvo. My daughter, Daisy-Marie Pestana (Ministerios Bethania USA, Carollton, TX) was on recent trip to Guatemala and fellowshipped with you. I know Suquinay needs a water well. How much does it cost? How can I help? Please email me. Abundant blessings to you both!

  2. Hi Daisy! Thank you for reaching out to us. We really enjoyed having your daughter with us here in Guatemala for a week. She is such a joy, and has a wonderful heart!

    Yes, Suquinay needs water. Their current water situation is that there is a well that is open to them to get running water one time per week. They can fill up containers to try to last them until the following week. Obviously, water is used for washing clothes, cooking, washing dishes, drinking, etc. There are no toilets in Suquinay, only latrines at the school, so they don’t need water to flush toilets. They all just have to use the outdoors to go to the bathroom. This is the condition in which Suquinay finds itself at the moment.

    But the mountains in which Suquinay sits and the landscape are beautiful…natural, uninhibited beauty!!! And the people…oh, the people are the most precious, humble, grateful, beautiful people you have ever seen. At first, very shy, but now, very loving and open. As you can tell, we LOVE Suquinay.

    At this time, we have focused our attention on getting a church/community center built on a piece of property we were able to secure, right in the middle of the community next to the soccer field. It is a prime location! Besides church services and activities, this building will serve the people by making classes available for adults to help them better provide for themselves, whether it be sewing, woodworking, computer skills, etc. It really all depends on who God would bring alongside of us with a heart to serve these people in this way. Also, most of the adults can not read or write, so plans are now underway to provide literacy classes. It will also provide an after-school program for the children where they can come to a safe environment to get help with their school work and homework, if needed, as well as be fed a hot lunch (which is not provided at school), Bible lessons, etc.

    Once this building is built, we will see where we can place the well on the land, and begin with that project. We have been talking to people, and checking around about this project, but don’t have any particulars yet.

    As you can see, we have a BIG dream for Suquinay, but we also know that we serve a BIG God! You asked how you could help. You can help by sowing into Kingdom Connections International right here on our website. If you would like to earmark your gift to go to a specific purpose, we always honor those requests. If not, it will be used for the most urgent needs at hand, which is the building at this point.

    Again, thank you so much for your questions and I hope that I have answered them for you. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Robin Sewell

    1. Daisy Calvo

      Hello, Robin. How wonderful to hear from you! I feel very honored that you took time out of your busy day to reply to me. Yes, we serve an enormous God! He loves us without measure. Thank you for imitating Him and for loving these wonderful people. I promise to support you and Mark in this endeavor. Thank you for allowing me. May Jesus keep you, Mark and that village safe. Be overabundantly blessed. Love, Daisy Calvo

      1. Robin Sewell

        Thank you, Daisy!!! 🙂

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